My paintings stem from pointillism by portraying the process of the brain in how it  can look at a multitude of  individual fragments (brushstrokes) and combine them to be read as parts of a whole (an urban scene or image).  The brain gathers and assembles an infinite amount of tiny particles to create the image we are seeing . Nothing is solid; it is all energy (dots) and WE are all energy. The "dots" of reality are just so small we naturally and instinctively see them altogether, as a whole (like standing back from one of my paintings).  

        The process I use in my style of painting involves repetition  through layering coloured dots of thick paint until the desired scene appears. From up close, the  pixilated appearance of my paintings may disorient the viewers gaze.   One must piece together all of the fragments in order to solve the puzzle of my painting.

         My impressionist paintings are best understood from a distance.  It allows for the chaotic brush strokes to be read as though they are in order.  Sometimes people have no idea what the image is until they step back from the painting.  Up close, the strokes look like random chaos, but when you step away, the chaos turns into an actual image that can be read as a familiar (or not so familiar) landscape.        

        Presently I am trying to paint the least amount of brush strokes possible to get a desired scene.  When I first found my painting style, it was the opposite. Tiny dots everywhere... the more the better! Very chaotic! (see  earlier works, 2002 section.)  Now I find myself in a calmer place. Who knows? One day I may go back to was very meditative...but right now I think our lives need to be a bit more simplified.

       The objective of my painting is to create an illusion for the viewer; to challenge their eyes in viewing.  Everything in life is an illusion; what we think we see isn't always what we see.  When I paint, I break the image down into pieces and try to simplify it so the viewer can look at what is all too familiar in a new way, with new eyes.

     Urban spaces are familiar ground for the viewer and supply a setting to which they can respond to.  My paintings often convey some individual emotion or tie to the image for the viewer ... and if not for them, for myself.  I paint distant, serene, romantic spaces  that  show urban life at its finest.  I also paint hectic, abundant, congested spaces  that show urban life at its not so finest (in the most non-judgmental way of course). 


"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." - Confucius  

 - Christy Lee Menzies  Jan 27/2007



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